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Posted on : July 24, 2019
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Duties and responsibilities of a cardiologist
  • Provide treatment to patients suffering from heart problems
  • Should be updated on the latest heart procedures and studies as new breakthroughs are made in this field on a daily basis as it is one most researched human organ
  • Design a healthy diet chart for the patient as diet affects the heart the most
  • Design a good exercise regimen exercise to help in quick recovery and it makes the heart stronger
  • There are various illnesses of the heart so the cardiologist has to be updated on developments in each
  • Maintain detailed reports on each patient and also a report on their progress
  • Coordinate with any other specialist the patient might be seeing
  • Give medicines that are compatible with the other medicines the patient is taking
  • Advice patients on any alternative treatment they might be seeking
  • Help the patient to fully recover from their illness and have the patient follow up even after they are okay as it post-recovery treatment is also important

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