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The province of La Union is located in the northern reaches of Luzon island. The province currently enjoys a healthy surge in tourism largely due to the burgeoning interest in surfing, an activity suited to La Union’s many beaches. For those looking for jobs in La Union and ride the waves of a booming industry, check out Mynimo’s extensive and highly organized listings.

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Position Location Company Date
San Fernando City, La Union RD Pawnshop, Inc
Established in 1976
1001-5000 employees
Oct 12
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Like other provinces in north Luzon, La Union is bordered by both the Cordillera mountains and the West Philippine Sea. However, unlike the rest of the region and even Visayas and Mindanao, La Union experiences a prolonged dry season that can last for as long as seven months. There’s very little rain to be expected in the province during this period. Some areas of the province, like the capital city of San Fernando, are largely agricultural but also rely on fisheries as a secondary income source. The manufacturing industry is also quite strong in the province, with diversified products like inabel cloth, brooms, rice wine (tapuey), sugarcane wine (basi), and vinegar.

In recent years, however, tourism has been booming in the province. This is mainly due to the long dry season, which lasts from November to May or even until June. Coupled with its relative accessibility compared to locations like Siargao, La Union’s beaches have become a favorite for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Thus, the hospitality and service industries in the province have also become more viable. Meanwhile, the Port of San Fernando enjoys steady activity as a shipping point. The former Wallace Air Station, on the other hand, has been converted to a commercial and industrial area. This move further diversified the provincial economy, especially in terms of trade. 

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